How to Save Money With Coupons – 6 Tips to Save Money & Time

How to Save Money With Coupons – 6 Tips to Save Money & Time

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of coupons. Sure, I love saving the money, but it can seem like a big hassle to deal with them. With that said, there are ways to use coupons without spending a great deal of time and energy in the process. So, here are six easy ways how to save money with coupons.

How to save money with coupons
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How to Save Money With Coupons

1.Stay organized – Maybe one of the most important things you can do is be organized. How you organize your coupons is up to you, but it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just be sure you have them all in one place and keep them separated in a way that makes sense to you.

I’d suggest separating them by type or store and expiration date. Also, forget the big binders. Use something small that you can throw in your purse so you have it with you at all times.

You never know when you’re going to make a quick stop and need a coupon.

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2. Use your phone – If you are in a store and you don’t have any coupons with you, take a minute and check your phone. Go to the store’s website and see if they have any coupons available.

There’s no reason to miss out just because you didn’t receive a flyer or forgot to look in the paper or online before you left home.

3. Ask at the counter – This is related to #2. If you’re in a store and don’t have any coupons, when you reach the counter to check out, just ask for one. You’d be surprised how many stores will have them and scan them for you.

I do this at Macy’s and JCPenney all the time.

(Click this link and use coupon code: EXTRA to receive an additional 25% off at Macy’s!)

(Click this link and use coupon code: AFFOFF1 to receive an additional 15% off at JCPenney!)

Without fail, they always have coupons available and are happy to scan them for you. Other stores will as well, so don’t be shy. When it comes to how to save money with coupons, this is a great way to do so.

I’ve gotten off anywhere from 15% to 25% that I would otherwise not have received, and that’s money I, and you, can keep in our pockets for other things.

4. Buy more than what you need – This is especially true when it comes to non-perishable items you get at the grocery store, but you can use it for other things as well. If you have a coupon or several for an item that won’t go bad and that you use all of the time, then go ahead and stock up.

Sure, you’ll be spending a bit more today when you buy in bulk, but you’ll be saving money in the long run. This is a great idea for toiletries and canned goods as well as clothing such as socks.

5. Use Ebates – While Ebates isn’t exactly a coupon site, it does give you money back on anything you purchase through them. It’s really simple, and free, to sign up. Once you do, when you shop online, and even in some brick and mortar stores, you will receive cash back when you make a purchase.

You can add their add-on extension to your browsers (I have it on both my Firefox and Chrome browser) and then when you’re on a site shopping, you just click their button that comes up, and you get the savings.

When it comes to how to save money with coupons Ebates isn’t a “coupon” it is a rebate, but it is a no-brainer when it comes to saving money when you’re shopping. It’s also super fast. It takes about a minute to sign up and a couple of seconds to click their button that pops up when you visit a website to buy something. (You can read my full Ebates review here.)

6. Use Retail Me Not – There are a lot of coupons online. In fact, there are so many that it can seem overwhelming. A great way to organize your online coupons is with Retail Me Not. It’s a bookmarking site that allows you to organize both promotional codes that you can use online as well as printable coupons that you can use in the store.

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25% Off Coupon for Macy’s (Coupon Code: EXTRA)
15% Off Coupon for JCPenney (Coupon Code: AFFOFF1)
Ebates sign-up to get cash back on each purchase

Coupons can save you a boatload of money, and you don’t have to spend a great deal of time figuring them out if you use these six tips. When it comes to how to save money with coupons, keep it simple, and you’ll keep with it.

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