How to Save Money on Energy Bills with These 7 Hacks

How to Save Money on Energy Bills with These 7 Hacks

Whether you live in the northern states or the southern states, chances are your utility bills are too high. Not to worry. With these tips on how to save money on energy bills, you can start saving money right away and give your budget a little breathing room.

How to save money on energy bills

How to Save Money on Energy Bills

While you have several different types of utility bills the one that takes the biggest bite out of your budget is your energy bill. Once you get that under control, then you can start on the rest, but this one is the big one.

Here are seven tips to help you do just that.

1.Use the cold/cold cycle – The next time you do the laundry, be sure to turn the dial on your washing machine to cold/cold. Your clothes will be just as clean and you can save a few hundred dollars a year just with this one tweak.

2. Use heat creating appliances at night – During the summer months, you most likely have the air conditioner running around the clock to keep you and your family cool. If that’s the case, it doesn’t make much sense to turn on appliances that create heat.

Save those chores for after dark when it cools off a bit outside and your A/C doesn’t have to work quite a hard. This can include things like your oven and also your washer and dryer.

3. Put up a clothes line – If you have the space for it, go old school and put up a clothes line and air dry your clothes outside. Your dryer uses a ton of energy to dry your clothes. It makes a lot more sense to hang them up on the line and dry them for free.

4. Use a toaster oven – Keep your oven off, especially in the summer months, and use a toaster oven or even the microwave more. Both take a lot less energy to run. A crock pot is a great way to make a meal for your family and save on energy bill at the same time.

5. Fans are your best friends – If it’s hot in your home, be sure to use a ceiling fan or even a box fan to move the air around. They don’t actually lower the temperature in your home, but you will feel cooler.

You can even turn the A/C off and once again go old school and put a bowl of ice in front of the fan. You’d be surprised how cool this can make you feel.

6. Seal your windows – A great deal of heat goes right out your windows. If you have cracks around the edges of your windows or even your doors, make sure you fill them. This alone can cut your energy bill by 30 percent.

7. Check out programmable thermostats – A programmable thermostat will allow you to keep your home either warmer or cooler, depending on the time of year, when you and your family are away during the day.

There’s no reason to heat or cool your home when no one is inside. Just by adjusting the temperature by 5 degrees can make a big difference.

When it comes to how to save money on energy bills, it’s not really too hard. Just by making a few changes in your daily routine, you can cut your utility bills by quite a bit. Give these seven tips a try, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Have you found ways to reduce your utility bills? Leave a comment below to share.

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