Why You Should Check Out the Ebates Official Site

Why You Should Check Out the Ebates Official Site

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ebates. It’s a rebate site that gives you money back every time you buy something from one of their advertisers. If you haven’t heard of them, then after you finish reading this you should check out Ebates official site.

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How I Learned About Ebates Official Site

I have to admit it was only a little over a month ago that I heard about Ebates. I read a review about them. The person writing the article had gotten tens of thousands of dollars of cash back from them.

That’s pretty amazing. The only trouble I had was trying to relate to it. I’d hate to think how much money I would have had to spend to get that much back!

Even so, I wanted to check it out, so I did. It’s free to sign up and you can put their add-on on your browser, so every time you go to a website to shop you simply click their button and then continue shopping. They have over 2,000 stores that you can get cash back from.

I quickly realized it is a no-brainer way to make some money. I mean if you’re planning to spend the money anyway, why not get some cash back?

If you’re wondering how they can give you money for nothing, it’s pretty simple. They are just a giant affiliate marketer. Just like I make a little money if you click on one of my affiliate links and make a purchase, they make money too if you use one of theirs.

Of course, their system is huge, and I’d have to assume they are making money hand over fist on the Ebates official site, but who cares?

They make money, the companies they work with make money, and you make money. It is really a win-win-win situation and you don’t find many of those these days.

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Now, I can’t tell you that I’ve received tens of thousands of dollars back because I haven’t. But, in the first few days of using Ebates, I did receive $32.73 back, and I was pretty darn excited about it.

Here’s how it happened…

I was planning on starting this blog on April 5th. That meant I needed hosting. I had already planned on buying a year’s worth of hosting from Blue Host, so I went ahead and did so, but before I did, I clicked Ebates’ little button. Here is what the button looks like when you go to the Blue Host website. Then I made my purchase of $59.40 and BAM! I got $10 back for my purchase. I also got an additional $10 for making my first purchase through Ebates because they offer a $10 Welcome Bonus.

For years, I’ve used TurboTax to do my taxes. I had already completed my taxes, so I needed to get them filed. To do so, I had to pay TurboTax $134.98.

Guess what, they also had a little Ebates button. I clicked the button then filed my taxes, and BOOM, I got another $10.33 back.

Now, I realize that $32.73 isn’t a great deal of money, but I was going to make these purchases anyway, so why not get money back for them?

I mean, really, it is one time that you can truly get money for nothing.

Here’s a screen shot of my account and my transactions. You’ll also notice that a week or so later I ordered something from JCPenny for $29.98. I went ahead and purchased it online and had in-store pickup, so I could get the rebate and got $2.49 back.

ebates official site

My point here is you’re not going to get rich using Ebates. You may not even get $100’s of dollars back. That, of course, depends on how much you buy online, but what you will get is money back in your pocket every single time you buy something through Ebates….every time you were going to spend the money anyway!

I don’t see how it gets much better than that.

If you want to check Ebates official site for yourself, you can click here. Like I said, it’s free. There is zero cost to you.

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    1. It really is. I’ll never get rich with it because I don’t spend that much money, but heck, I might as well get some cash back whenever I do!

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